Because sometimes life is about surviving & sometimes life is about thriving

Hi everyone my name is Tiffany and welcome to Surviving & Thriving!

Just like everyone else I have lived through times where I had to survive and times where I was able to thrive.

This site is for people who know that although life is not always perfect we can choose to thrive even when we are in survival mode.

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Visit my musings on the craziness of life and how to survive it and to thrive. Be warned the blogs are often sarcastic and snarky, call it old age, but they are always honest and real.

I look forward to talking to you all so much - life was not meant to be lived alone !


Essential oils are what our great grandmothers and grandmothers would reach for as their first line of defense.  Essential oils are simply going back to basics.

I discovered them in the midst of an extremely stressful life situation. They did not fix my problems but they took the edge of the daily grind of a time when I was just barely surviving.