Graduation Day – Don’t Believe the Lie

Graduation Day – Don’t Believe the Lie

Today all over the US high school seniors are walking across a stage to start a new season of their life. This is often followed by going off to college but more and more newly minted high school grads, via financial necessity, end up staying at home and going to the local Jr college – that is what I did. You see there is no money tree in my family or even the extended family so I knew early on in high school that I would not be going off to a big 4 year university.  In looking back it was the best route for me as I did not have the maturity or the grades to survive a four year university and would have flunked out.   By going to a local Jr college I was able to get the flunking of classes out my system and then when I was ready I transferred to the local 4 year university, from which I finally graduated. This too turned out to be the best thing for me because all the local big companies had relationships with the local university and I was able to graduate with great experience via internships and part time jobs at these companies. I landed my first job with a great company that set me on my way to career success.

So why do I say all of this ?

Because I know there a ton of women all over the US that believe the lie that our society teaches “unless my child goes to this fancy 4 year college they will not be successful”.  This lie seems to expect you to ignore the fact you might have to deplete your retirement savings, run up every credit card you own and put a second mortgage on your house to fulfill this expectation.  I am not saying we do not help our children, please understand that, what I am saying from someone who lived it — is that maybe just maybe God is going to choose to teach the life lessons that your sweet baby needs via a different path than other people.  I know that is a real possibility because that is what He did with me.

So go have a wonderful day – take a million pictures but remember this really is the land of opportunity and a big expensive 4 your university is not the only ticket to success.

Hugs & Love –