Should we allow our dogs to choose our dates ?

I have a rescue Terrier mix by the name of Kia Maria who is literally the best dog I have had and probably the best dog I will ever have.  Like a lot of single women in their late forties I spend more time with her than anyone else and most often that is by choice.  Those of you that are like this know who you are and if you are not — just hear me out.  I believe that dogs can sense danger. Just google this fact or search Youtube and you will find countless examples of how a dog saved a child from danger or started running long before the earthquake hit.  However, as I was walking Kia this morning the question occurred to me ‘should I let her choose my dates’?

The more I thought on this the more it started to make sense — if Kia Maria can sense danger before I can then why not take full advantage of this skill.  Ok –  so maybe you are thinking ‘well Tiffany how many people come into your house that are openly violent and dangerous’ – and I have to admit that is a valid point.  But what about those people that you meet where your spidey sense start going off like crazy and your little voice screams ‘danger’, ‘danger’, ‘danger’ and you are not sure if you are being paranoid or just cautious after all he or she is really cute.  Why not let your dog meet them before you make up your mind ?  Is this potential new person in your life friendly to your dog and is your do friendly to them ?

Just in case you think I am crazy I will give you a real world example from my own life.  The very first time Kia Maria met someone that I became involved with she bit him so hard that she drew blood – through his blue jeans.  Because  I ignored her warning I embarked on a very emotionally abusive relationship that took my physical, emotional and mental health which took several years to leave.   Long story short my dog was right about him and I was wrong.

So to answer the question should we allow our dogs to choose our dates – my answer is a huge whole hearted YES!

Now if your fur baby  is something like a golden retriever, that love everyone they meet, well then honestly you are out of luck  –  get a terrier they will bite anyone that comes near you.;-)

Keep Surviving and Thriving –