The Fatigue

So it is the start of a new week and yet another weekend has passed where all my plans flew out on the wings of fatigue.  I am not talking about the kind of fatigue that comes from staying up all night and then trying to survive the next day – like we all did in our twenties.  I am talking about the kind of fatigue that comes from years of severe stress that can only be overcome by rest and kindness to yourself.  Being patience with this healing process has been hard for me to do – I have never been one that liked to wait on anything.  The only thing that makes the healing process a bit easier is the statement I read somewhere “that you do not get to a bad place in your life over night and you do not leave that place overnight.”  Which is fine in theory but having to deal with the reality of that statement leaves a pretty rotten after taste.

How do you explain to friends that you are just too tired to really do anything and the thought of planning things out is just so over whelming that you avoid it at all cost ? Quite simply you just don’t explain it.  Try to be nice and polite but there are times when I unwilling to go into all of the drama that got me to where I am and truth be known is it really anyone’s business ?  In a world of oversharing I am going to say “no – it is none of their business”.

So what do I do to help the healing process ?

I try to eat clean, take good quality vitamins, get plenty of rest and do moderate exercise two to three times a week.  I also use essential oils that I discovered a couple of years ago.  Yeah I know what you are thinking, everyone says that essential oils can “cure this or cure that” personally I have never seen them cure anything, and would steer clear of anyone that says that.  However, they do help me relax and get a better nights sleep so for that I am willing to spend the money on good oils.

Do not underestimate the value of the old ways and of taking it slow – there is something to be said for how our great grandparents lived.

Hugs & Love –