Are Essential Oils Just a Bunch of BS ?

So I was reading some weird stuff on social media the other day that was talking about how some people still believe the Earth is flat. It seems that this group of “Flat Earther’s” are convinced that every space program that each country has is a hoax formed by the global conspiracy group,the Illuminati, to keep us all fooled so they can take over the world.  At first I was thinking this is a joke by some college kid somewhere to see how many people will actually click on the article and read it, but the more I read the more I realized that these jokers were actually serious!  I will not use my precious time, or yours, to discuss the merits of this belief but it did get me thinking — I wondered if people actually think that essential oils are BS?  After all if you scan the internet you will find essential oils praised as being the solution to a migraine all the way to them being responsible for ending world hunger.

I can personally testify that they have helped (not cured) my migraines but as to the crazy people on Facebook that hint at essential oils curing world hunger – umm sigh – don’t you just want to reach through the computer and say “REALLY – are ya THAT stupid !” but ok I digress.  So you want to know if essential oils are BS or not — the answer is no they are not BS – they are real.

When I first heard of essential oils I was given all kinds of information that came from the company that my friend was trying to get me to buy from. Sorry, but in my eyes if you are going to make money by convincing me your product is good then your research is not valid.  So I began my own search for information about essential oils that was not rooted in profit for anyone. The source that I used and would recommend is a public site called PubMed (  PubMed is where all of the medical research and scholarly medical articles are published in the United States. It is an absolute treasure trove of information about all kinds of subjects — just put what ever you are looking for in the search bar and search away.

I should warn you – the articles are research papers – so don’t think you are going to find lots of cute pictures of puppies, if you read the abstract you will understand what the article is about. Then if you want to go deeper and read the whole thing go for it.  I would challenge you to just do a search for “essential oils” or “lavender essential oil” or “frankincense essential oil” and see what pops up – you will be blown away by the type of hard core medical research that is being done these days on quality essential oils.

So are essential oils real – yes – go read about it yourself and let me know what you think.