Diamonds Are Not on The Mountain Tops

I don’t know about you but whenever I am in a valley in my life the only thing I want to do is get on the first train and get out of there as fast as possible.  Get to where I don’t feel the pain anymore and where my happy meter is stuck at 100% all the time instead of dealing with days where I just want to stay in bed.  However, the other day when I was having some quiet time to myself and just thinking about things it came to me that the best lessons in life are not really learned from trips to the mountain tops of life but rather when we are down in the valley of despair.  It is in the valleys of life that you learn the real consequences of your actions and decisions and you get the resolve to never ever make that sort of mistake again, in other words you gain wisdom.

As I started following this train of thought I started thinking about the real differences between  mountain tops and valleys and what you can really do there.  On mountain tops the air is so thin that even the most fit person can only stay for a short period of time before they get so light headed and either fall down or hopefully with wisdom they recognize the symptoms of the thin air and climb down before they fall.  In a valley there is no shortage of air you can build your endurance for the climb and gain knowledge about how to survive on the mountain top.

On the mountain top you can see for miles and miles but you really don’t have the luxury of making a misstep as there is no where to hide – everyone sees the mistake – and a mistake on he mountain top can prove fatal.  However, in the valley if you take a wrong step you will surely fall but only to the ground around you and often without the prying eyes of everyone in the world watching.  Even nature gets it – how many diamonds or  beautiful flowers do you think are atop Mt. Everest versus deep mines or lush valleys that have streams running through them to refresh your soul?

I am not saying stay in the valley of your life forever.  What I am saying is that while you are there take the time to look around and learn the lessons that you will only learn in the valley.  Collect the diamonds of wisdom from the dark times of your life and learn to smell the beautiful flows of growing wisdom.  Life was never meant to only be lived in the thin air of the mountain top we were meant to visit the valley also.