About Me

About Me

Have you ever woken up and said "how did I get here ?!" - I have.

I still remember the day I was honest with myself and admitted I did not even recognize the woman that was looking back at me in the mirror.  What happened to the powerful woman that  I used to be?  I was so far from thriving it was a joke, it took everything I had to just survive each day.

I want to assure you dear sister - this too shall pass, maybe not quickly but you will survive what you thought was impossible to survive - I am living proof of that fact. Your best days are in front of you.

On this site I will discuss the things I found along my journey that helped me. Some were changes in diet, some were changes in exercise, some were spiritual changes, some were things I learned about holistic medicine and some were ways that I learned to change my thinking.

Join the journey to not only survive but to THRIVE!